Golu #Episode 3 : Who is Zafar?

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“You know guys, we are born in a very special time in human history. We have everything. Literally everything. We have a song for every possible mood like a speaking shadow of our soul. We have every damn vehicle to get anywhere we want in a matter of few hours. We have each and every kind of food to satisfy our taste buds. We have N sources for entertainment for our lazy cortex. Damn, we have 32 dating apps on play store even to meet the opposite sex. I think we are blessed. All this wasn’t there just few decades back. What if we had born few years before. We should thank Almighty because he showered his boons on….”

“Sutta bacha hai kya?”, Einstein interrupted Golu.

Einstein heard no response from other two. So he asked again about the availability of cigarettes.

There was still no response. He looked at them. They were staring at Golu.

“Either he is too smart or I am too high”, said Chinna. It was for Golu.

Golu smiled and continued like every drunken philosopher. “You know, we should worship these musicians. They have everything. Few weeks back, there was this song Pehla Nasha I heard 100 times a day. Now this guy, Bappida has Yaad Aa Raha Hai. I am telling you, even that guitar stud from our batch, what’s his name…. ammm..”

“Stanley..”, someone said.

“Hmm..woich. We should wash his feet and drink that same water.”

“OooOoOooh”, Chinna and Dabangu exclaimed.

Einstein looked at them. Gave a disgusting look. He knew, nobody had an idea about what Golu is saying and what they are responding to. Einstein then lifted himself up with the help of railing of that terrace corner. He left for sutta, others thought.

“You know Golu. I know why all this is happening.”

Golu stopped and started listening to Chinna.

“Dekh bhai, at the high gravity points, this fabric of space-time bends. And at infinity gravity, mathematically, the space gets stretched so much that it nearly gets torn.”

“That’s a blackhole”, said smart Dabangu.

“Exactly”, Chinna.

Golu was not getting the point of whatever Chinna was talking about. So he though there is no point in trying to get a point. Context switching between topics is fast and efficient when people get drunk, he thought.

“So, as theory says, you can never actually see a blackhole. It gets separated from rest of the universe. What this says is if you want to stay with others don’t stretch the space too much. Nobody likes a person who tries to enter their personal space. And I think, that’s what you did with Tanya.”, Chinna suddenly took up the buried topic since like two hours.

“Are yaaar. Its not like that. And why are you reminding me of her. I told you its perfectly okay and everything is fine, right? So, don’t try to…”

Suddenly the ringtone of Dabangu’s phone halted their discussion. It was Einstein. He was sounding nervous from his voice.

“Hello Dabangu, bhai jaldi idhar aaja. PD block ke paas. Kaand ho gaya hai. Ye log … ” call got cut off. Dabangu tried redialing. But it was out of coverage. Chinna and Golu spotted that something was not right.

Dabangu stood up asking other two to follow him. “PD block. Now. Shayad bhaai ka zagda ho gaya hai”. They got down from terrace and started running towards PD.

When they came to PD, nobody could spot Einstein. There were just bunch of drunk IIScians chatting in high tones. Trio ran towards that gang, just to find out that the one having highest pitch was their quad.

“Tune usko gaali kaise di?? He is like my brother. How dare you..?”, Einstein was blabbering something.

“Usne pehle start kiya, aur tu kyo bich me ungli kar raha hai. I will beat the hell out of you as well”, spoke the drunken bastard just next to Einstein.

So, trio got the scene that someone they knew got something messed up with some gang. But as they are on this side of fight, they joined Einstein.

“Abe maarke to dikha”, said half asleep Golu.

“Abe tu maarke to dikha”, next gang.

“You didn’t think a bit when you beat Zafar, why think now..” , said Einstein furiously.

“What? Zafar ko maara? Iski *** ** *****”, and Dabangu slapped hard the next guy standing to him.

And well, even they realized much latter that the guy he slapped was from their party only, still it was enough to start the fight between our guys and the next gang.

Suddenly, somebody ran off. Nobody knew who. They chased him down to Basketball court. And both gangs started beating that guy. Guard uncle, who usually sits near Gymkhana main entrance, saw it from distance and chose to not get involved in fight consisting 8-9 guys. He knew, from past experience, that this won’t last much longer.

After hitting few punches and few kicks in the air, nearly everyone was tired and the guy got badly beaten up by the rest again started running off. But, this time nobody tried to chase. They laid down on court itself. Golu was about to lay down at the corner of that court, suddenly he noticed that someone was staring at them. He tried to look at Gymkhana building. The floodlights of ground were at the back, so the face of that person was in complete dark. But from the silhouette Golu could easily identify that person was a female.

‘Is it Tanya?’, he thought.

‘Nah, she is tall and has long hair. This one is having short. This must be someone else.’

And just before he marries that girl in his mind, someone broke that ceremony and pulled Golu down to the court. It was Chinna. He was too sleepy and asking Golu to sleep nearby. Laying down, Golu tried to look back at the building, nobody was there this time.

>> Fast Forward

‘Ting.. Ting.. Ting.. Ting.. Ting.. Ting.. ‘, Golu’s irritating alarm tone rang. He grabbed that alarm in anger and saw the time. It was 11 AM. He opened his eyes completely and sat properly to take a look around. Two things he realized soon, one, he was in his room and second, his head was paining. It was his first hangover. He tried to remember what happened and how did he get back in his room, but he was just able to recall some glimpses from the last night. He remembered that somebody from PD block beat Zafar. And that’s how they got involved in….

‘Wait’, Golu thought. ‘Who is Zafar ?’

Golu tried to remember the names of all his batchmates from CSA. But nobody he knew was Zafar. He stood up thinking and ran towards Dabangu’s room.

Trio was already there, two sitting on the bed and Dabangu’s was on chair in front of his laptop. Golu looked at Chinna. Chinna, being an intern at 221B, quickly identified his expressions and said. “Bro, even we don’t know who he is!”

Golu entered room and sat on bed. Everyone was silent, thinking, again. Few moments passed and suddenly someone started laughing. Others looked at him surprisingly. He continued laughing with double the previous intensity. And world knows that laughter is contagious, second one started laughing too. Looking at him, others also joined. Soon, Dabangu’s room was filled with loud laughters. Now quad knew why everyone was laughing, even without exchanging explanatory words.

“Man, really I hadn’t laughed this strong in quite a while. Now, my bladder is bursting. I will go and pee, you sit”, Dabangu said and left.

“Bhailog, what a night it was! I think I should write a blog post about it”, and Golu approached Dabangu’s laptop. Opened the flip, screen was not locked.

Chinna and Einstein were still laughing for God knows what. But, Golu’s laugh suddenly stopped once he started reading what was there on the opened screen. It was a mail from IOCL. And Golu could see the partially written reply.

The mail was about Dabangu’s selection in IOCL, a well paying PSU’s offer which Golu knew he can’t reject. Soon he realized that Dabangu’s room was witnessing this loud laughter for the very last time.

The partially written reply was…

Dear Sir,

I would love to take this opportunity of joi…….

Golu looked at laughing duo. And without saying a word, he left the room.



Golu is a fictional character who is about to pursue M.Tech. at IISc, Bangalore. I am writing this one as a series of situations, affairs and craziness that is yet to happen around Golu provided atleast few of you like this. So, lets high your pitchers and… cheers…!!



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