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tushar shinde

The Complex Solution #3

11.3 Million people tuned in to their TV sets on the new year’s day of 2017. BBC broadcasted Sherlock’s The Six Thatchers episode with a consolidated audience share of 37.8 percent. No wonder why BBC refers to this series as a masterpiece!

Ever wondered what makes it great though?

Sherlock belongs to one of the most popular genres in literature – Mystery & Thriller. And oh boy, people like mysteries because people are mysteries. It is not hard to create stories which makes readers await the revelation, but great mysteries create the sense of originality where the solution outcomes are fanciful or unexpected. Great mysteries like these are not made from the infrastructure settings and the facilities, they’re made by people who live there. Every person you see or read, you kinda meet them. They have something special to tell you. That’s the charm, every other person is smarter than the previous one and this circle comes back to us as well and then it extends, again. In other words, you are a part of the circle. For Sherlock, most of the times it was not about who did it but was about how they did it!

The case study method, now popularized by management schools was first brought in by Harvard in 1919. It is rooted in the foundations of Harvard from the era when even the idea of teaching management in school was very new and pathbreaking. This was the formal start of MBA curriculums. The case method had been a key to the improvement of studying businesses, made Harvard Business School stand out and pioneered by many others who followed along.

Now, could you please take a moment and wonder why these case methods of studying businesses are popular though?

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