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Company Vision and Mission Tushar Shinde

Why do Company Vision & Core values matter! (for laymen)

There are hundreds of things that could possibly go wrong when you start your own thing. It surely is in the startup stage right now, but there is a clear difference between it growing big and dying out after a year. That difference is The Vision.

For example, you putting the efforts with the constant motivation in your e-commerce business and being successful at it depends on how you put it in a statement. Calling this as a mere ‘statement’ is an understatement though! You might want to sell stuff online to the maximum number of people possible with an online channel and want to book high profits, but that cannot be your vision. Amazon puts it in a clever way. They strive to be “Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.”

Now the second statement is more closer to the WHY of the process. Once your why is clear, so will be the people working with you. This one statement helps you in the multitude of the business processes. From building your core team to hiring to customer support to the way you design your service to…

But remember, your vision statement is not your advertising campaign to just write larger than life phrases. Vision has to align people to some particular initiatives and efforts. When I was assigned to Project Management stuff at @Publicis.Sapient, the first thing I was asked to do is to articulate and summarize the core values of new Sapient brand when it got acquired by the advertising giant Publicis Groupe. In the process of writing that article, I was drawn more towards the reason of me working there. Monetary benefits are important for sure but not at the cost of zest behind the reason of working on something. And so the vision statement connects you to the rest of the circle your company stands for.

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