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You, Covid-19 and Exponentials!

I was talking to my physiologist cousin the other day whose wedding has been fixed on 15th April. I told him to postpone the date as we should prevent arranging and going to as many mass gatherings as we could amidst the current corona outbreak. He was kinda being ignorant saying “We Indians usually don’t get caught to that extent. This is just another buzz. And anyways the big summer is coming, so don’t you worry!” I was laughingly amazed at his confidence and a bit worried at the same time. Let me explain to you why.

What comes to your mind when I tell you that Italy has 27,980 total corona infected cases at the time of writing this article (17th March), active being 23,073. Whereas India has only 137 total cases. So does that mean India is doing a pretty good job at preventing the outbreak? After all, we have the desi cures like cow dung and Gaumutra. But what if we are not exactly preventing it but are just a month behind where Italy is now? Is that shocking enough?

Exactly a month before, Italy had 3 Covid cases. It took them almost a month to lock the country down. Most of the companies in Bengaluru, Pune and NCR have asked their employees to work from home. But in our minds we still have an abstract view about the disease. But with the growth rate, it is hard to keep up with the speed of conversion from abstraction to a real threat.

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