Master Golu : The one with our Hero’s love!

I know, I am quite late to post this second episode of our Master Golu series and no excuses, I apologize for that. Getting acquainted with IISc is not as easy as it is with IITB (and well, that answers typical ‘IISc or IITB?’ question).

I promise to post atleast one episode per month for those who like Golu and for those who don’t, I can’t force you not to be serious for few moments in IISc (pretty much similar to saying I don’t care :p )

Hope you like it 🙂

If you missed the first episode, here’s the link: Master Golu’s first day at IISc

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~ ~ ~

“Well, life is not about what you plan and not about what you don’t plan either”, Golu read the last sentence and kept that book back on the shelf in same place and started the recently played song for the 46th time straight. Headphones plugged, he leaned back in his chair and slowly closed his eyes…

“Pehla nasha.. pehla khumar.. Naya pyaar hai.. Naya intejaar……..”

Our Golu was on cloud 9 since the day he got to know that she was in Civil, the department right infront of his CSA. One of his special sources and former intern at 221 B street, Chinna had everything for Golu. On the very next day when he first saw her, Chinna was ready with the report.

“Name? Tanya Mittal”

“Age? 22”

“Branch? Civil”

“B.Tech.? BITS, Pilani”

“Class timings? Mon-Wed: 8am and Thu-Fri: 2pm”

“Relationship Status? Complicated”

“Instagram followers? 504”

“Favourite Food? Panipuri”

“Favourite Actor? Rajesh Khanna”

“Favourite Sport? Gossiping”

“Proposals till date? 16 wait No.. 17”

“Ohh…”, this was Golu. “Well, ammm.. I don’t know”, his heart took a steepest descent transition from 9th to 2nd cloud on the last piece of info.

“Saala naam se hi lag raha hai ki bhai ke aukad ke bahar hai”, someone murmured.

“Hmm..?”, Golu

“Dont worry boss, hum fielding laga denge”, the trio shouted at once.

And from that moment itself started Duniya ki sabse chhoti love story!!

Golu started gymming right away with bathing .. twice a day.

The quad stood infront of CSA gate at 7.30 in the morning. ‘When you can’t look good, make others look worse’, Golu recalled the half remembered sentence he read once and smiled to himself. Dabangu, Chinna and Einstein came straight from the bed while our hero was a neatly dressed up, brushed and bathed.

And then suddenly hero felt the sudden change in climate. Winds started hissing and so the trees. Thirteen small clouds suddenly gathered in the clear sky hiding the morning sun. Suited up trio started playing a melody on their violins. And there she was!!

Golu was just standing there watching her walk to the department. She took nearly 10 seconds from there to the Civil. It was sufficient for our hero to think about the kind of marriage they will have, names of their three children and a beautiful place where they will grow old together. Trio watched her going inside her department while the fourth one was still thinking whether or not they should have a fourth child!

“What the fuck are you doing dumbass? She just went inside. You should have talked to her”, Chinna

“Ammm…?”, Golu came to his senses by abandoning all of his children, “..Shitt.”

Chinna pulled our disappointed hero inside CSA for their algorithms class. Other two half-asleep bodies followed.

** Time: 5pm; Day: Same; Venue: Mess; Hero Status:  Excited and Underconfident

Golu was constantly staring at her from the table diagonally opposite at other end while Tanya was having her snacks. Till then Golu had tried 90’s “Aye palat…!” approach nearly 7 times. But she didn’t even notice the existence of the father of her three and something children. Golu stopped staring for a while and tried looking at other corner just to find his two competitors.

“No.. This is not done. I must do something..”, Golu to trio.

“Jaa baat kar uss se”, Einstein

“Just get your ass off that chair and go to her, you moron”, Dabangu

“Either you go or else I am going in 5..4..3..2..”, Chinna.

Golu stood up and walked to her. The trio was ready to enjoy the fiasco they were expecting.

‘Hare Ram.. Hare Ram.. Ram Ram Hare Hare..’, our hero chanted to gather little bit of courage.

“Can I sit here?”

“Ohh..Yes..”, said confused Tanya.

“Hi, I am Golu. I was watching you from over there” and he pointed at his table. And suddenly the trio who were watching them moved their heads to opposite direction. “Would you mind answering a question? Actually I am starting a blog, so..”

“Ok, shoot”

“What do you want to do with your wild and precious life?”, after finishing Golu just looked in the zero with dispair for thinking the most lame line and try making a score.

“Well, I just want to sleep. In the room, in the classroom, in canteen, in mall or even on the road.”

“Hah”, Golu smiled a little on finding the perfect bride. “Are you serious?”

“In IISc, who isn’t?”, she smiled too.

“Look, I am not a stalker but I think I have seen you somewhere”, Golu thought of a something better.

“Dude, if this is your pickup line, then you are not good at it. And if it’s not, then its not possible to forget me after like 8-9 hours once you saw me infront of Civil”

“Whaat?? You noticed?”, Golu. “What a bummer!”

“What would a neatly dressed up guy do on the road where people rarely roam around 7:30 in the morning??”

“Ohh behe****”, Golu to himself. Just to realize moments later that he indeed was loud, because people on the tables around had turned their disgusting faces towards Golu. Golu felt humiliated. Then he suddenly heard a giggle, which turned into a great laugh. It was Tanya.

Few moments later the trio saw them leaving the mess together.

After that day, her pretty soul literally owned our hero. He would wait for her in front of CSA every morning just to catch the smile. Soon, they started roaming the campus together. He got to know many things about her like a ‘good friend’… ohh..our hero hated that word. And like any other stereotype engineer, he fell for her.

** Few days later..

“Dude, we saw bhabhi talking to that stud with Gixer today”, trio.

“So? He can be a friend..”, said afraid Golu. He tried to deny the guess he had in his mind after he noticed that Tanya started slightly ignoring him after a week or so.

“Not from the way we saw it”


“Well, we confirmed it. He is her boyfriend”

“What.. No.. A friend”

“Boyfriend..”, Chinna


“Boyfriend..”, Einstein


“Boyfriend..”, Dabangu

“Boyfriend?”, Golu’s voice was softened.

“Ohh.. Ok. But this wasn’t supposed to go this way. Shitt..”, now his pitch was too low to hear it clearly. They never thought that our hero was this serious about the girl. But ‘Shit’ was enough for the trio to feel what he was going through.

“You know guys, it’s ok. I get it now, sometimes I felt like she wanted to tell me something but couldn’t. That might be it. Anyways.. you see, it was just a little crush. Not a big deal. The crush i was starting to look forward to. You know, she will never know that how much i cared and loved her. I knew I was not a boyfriend material from her or even my perspective.. But still! I just randomly thought there is this little tini-tiny possibility that this would have worked…”, Golu just went on and on over his thoughts and almost unnoticed that the trio was not at all listening and were busy discussing something in private. Suddenly, Dabangu stood up and left the place.

“Why this happens always to me god, why?”, Golu was totally out of his mood now. Duo tried to listen. But all they heard was some sincere and serious blah blah. After a while Chinna got a call. And they got to know that it was the time they should call this serious shit off.

“Hey, ab uuth aur chal..”

“Hmm..?”, interrupted Golu.

“Uuthja behe**** ab. Let’s go”, said Einstein as they almost lifted Golu up.

And there was this calling off. On the terrace of their hostel. Golu didn’t realize that this memory, whatever happened on the terrace and aftermaths, would last forever. Because, this was the time when he was introduced to the most devastating treasure of human history. Dabangu opened a new door of possibilities for our hero.

And that night, there was this special corner somewhere on that terrace, witnessing the four best friends and 8 bottles of beer!!

~ ~ ~

Sneak peek of 3rd episode.

“Master Golu: Who is Zafar?”

It’s a story of what happened that night after they got high and fought for Zafar. And how they got into and out of the train after a night just to find out that they haven’t moved even by an inch after boarding. It’s the one where Dabangu sends a letter to dean of IISc the same night having no idea of whatever he is typing and finally, it’s the part where our quad gets disintegrated into a trio 🙁

P.S. : The credit for first conversation between Golu and Tanya goes to Sayoni Mundra. It is inspired from her story.



Golu is a fictional character who is about to pursue M.Tech. at IISc, Bangalore. I am writing this one as a series of situations, affairs and craziness that is yet to happen around Golu provided atleast few of you like this. So, lets high your pitchers and… cheers…!!