Master Golu : First Day at IISc


Its been few weeks since I was thinking of writing something but couldn’t get the subject. So, I thought why not to write college life’s happenings as a series. Here is the small description.

Golu is a fictional character who is about to pursue M.Tech. at IISc, Bangalore. I am writing this one as a series of situations, affairs and craziness that is yet to happen around Golu provided atleast few of you like this episode. So, lets high your pitchers and… cheers…!!

P.S. 2nd episode is out now. Checkout:

And so is Episode #3:


“Is this a room?”

“What shit!!”

Golu’s room heard the the voice of its near future owner for the very first time. He was very excited to check out his newly allotted hostel room after a lucky draw. Golu had sky-high expectations about how his room and other amenities should be, because he was told that by the universe that he was going to study at Indian Institute of Science… Science.. Country’s premium iinstitution!!

“Meh… Premium..” one among the four said.

It was the series of disappointments since Golu entered in the iisc from that library gates. First of all, he went late to the admissions final procedure. After a long waiting, he was done with documents verifications and then he got to know that there is again similar waiting list for getting yourself photographed and taking your CSA department ID card.

‘Can’t they just do it across a single queue’, Golu thought. ‘After all this is the place where we are going to work on some optimization problems for making systems efficient’.

And then finally this hostel thingy happened. He got the worst hostel and the room without the company of any of his batchmates.

“Kharab rooms de hi rahe ho to kamse kam batchmates ko to saath me rakho”, the annoyed other among those 4 said.

Its been 2 days since Golu was the center of attraction of the colony. He had secured one of the top ranks in premium exam of the country. Everyone was having very high hopes for Golu’s bright future. The kind of 3-starrer hostel rooms he’s going to live in.. The 40L+ salary package.. Every father will run behind Golu as a perfect groom for their daughters… his gully friends were envying him.

“And here I am”, Golu sighed after checking out a big died rat in a corner of his room.

It took Golu 5 hours to clean up all of that mess and turn it into a half-starrer lodge.

In the evening, Golu and his friends were all set up to take a round across the campus. Those 4 were bored of eating dosas and idlis all day. Somebody told them to go to Prakruthi, a fine canteen which was diagonally opposite to Golu’s hostel in a 400 acred campus.

“Are, we will take a walk and reach there within 5 minutes”, the over enthusiastic Dabangu said. He is the same one who initiated a 10-minutes rest in a halfway to Prakruthi. Finally, tired, all of them reached to canteen and were very happy to see a big Menu board there having lots of North Indian items.

“I will have an Aloo Paratha”, said Dabangu.

“I will have a soup”, said Chinna.

“Chhole-Bhature”, said Einstein.

“Ammm.. I will start with a cold coffee”, this was Golu, looking at that menu.

Golu went to the counter and ordered a coffee first.

“Naat avaylable saar”, said the lady on counter.

“Huhh…? Okay, gimme a plate of Chhole Bhature and Aloo paratha”

“Naat avaylable saar”, said lady Shakespeare again.

“Do you have a soup?”, Golu reformatted his next order.

“Sirf 9 aur 10 ke bich me miltaa saar”

10 minutes later, they were enjoying (?) one dosa each.

“Enough is enough”, said Golu. He wanted nothing more but his first day at iisc to be some kind of special.

“I am going to file a complaint to HRD minister” which was then followed by the loud laugh by rest of the trio.

Golu sat down and continued eating remaining dosa.

“You see, everything here is opposite and in a way special”, Golu heard a soft voice from a table on his back. “They have stone aged hostels and canteens, but it is the very thing which makes this place it really is. Not like other IITs. Its not about the amenities, its about the people you meet here. Every other person you meet is more genius than you.. he or she knows something extra. Its about the purity of knowledge. They have a story, every single person. Even that old tree on the backside of this canteen. I know, my first day didn’t go well as I thought but it’s okay. It’s perfectly okay. I know!”

Golu turned back and that was the time… that was the very first time he saw her 🙂

(P.S. What do you guys thought about your first day? Do comment)