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People often say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing!


While I was preparing for Gate, like everyone else, to be efficient I needed to keep my endorphins high. And the quick and easy answer to that is to read the blogs and interviews written by toppers. But, I always found it hard to search for different blogs on google (they might not be better SEOed). So, I thought of compiling it in one post. Aspirants can bookmark this listing if they want. Kindly note that, whatever may be your stream of UG, you can follow some or the other guidance by these people listed here. Inspirational bloods don’t have a caste, age or a branch 😛

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Here it goes..

  • Akash Kanase
    • Link :
    • Branch : CS
    • Rank : AIR-28 in Gate 2016
  • Pragy Agarwal
    • Link :
    • Branch : CS
    • Rank : AIR-37 in Gate 2015
  • Gaurav Mamgain
    • Link :
    • Branch : CS
    • Rank : AIR-130 in Gate 2015
  • Harish
    • Link : (Find all 4 parts)
    • Branch : CS
    • Rank : AIR-4 in Gate 2008
    • Good and a well thought blog
  • Arvind Devaraj
    • Link :
    • Link 2 (CS Books and Referances) :
    • Branch : CS
    • Rank : AIR-7 in Gate 2007


FICTIONAL STORIES for Motivation :




Other Motivational Posts :


Finally some important advice from a friend Pragy Agarwal (IITB) to aspirants : 

“Some free meta-advice for aspirants who like taking free advice from previous toppers:

TL;DR: Stop asking the toppers how they did it, what strategies they followed, how much time they dedicated, what coaching they joined…
Instead, tell them about yourself, and ask them “How should I do it?”

You will not gain much by trying to copy a GATE topper.
For example, I studied 12 hours a week for GATE’15 prep. I studied only on weekends, in coaching, 5.5 hours on Saturdays and 6.5 hours on Sundays. I never touched a book apart from those days.
Will the same strategy suit you? Most probably, no. Trying to copy the way I studied might land you with a 5k+ rank if not worse.

Think for yourself.. how can someone give you valuable advice when he knows nothing about you? The topper doesn’t know where you’re starting from, he doesn’t know your financial situation, the subjects you are interested in, the ones you are good at. He doesn’t know the reason you’re pursuing GATE for, your life’s aim..
Would you believe me if I say that a person with no knowledge about you or your situation can give you valuable advice about the strategies for preparation? You won’t, right?”



I want to thank all the people listed here. They have taken out their important time to write these blogs for aspirants. Yes, they really have something in the left side of their chest.


Last but not the least …


Always remember, miracle is another name for hard-work !!