Golu #Episode 4 : Badi Talab Lagi Hai, Muskurane Ki…

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Episode 2: Golu and his heroic love!

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Its been quite a while since Dabangu left. One year passed like a breeze and Golu was still trying to get hold of the IISc life. Few ‘not so important’ things happened in between. Golu lost the final cricket match for CSA by bowling 4 consecutive wide balls in the last over, almost got slapped for trying on random crushes out of desperation, faked the results to get good grades and what not. But Golu was sad for few weeks when Dabangu left. Not because he lost a good friend but because Dabangu was the only one who had the ability to consistently score lower than Golu in every damn exam. Now in Dabangu’s absence, Golu was the only underdog whom other two can hop on!

That day, at around 9. Golu was just lying down on his bed. It was freshers’ eve for their juniors. Party was already over and everybody came back to their hostels, half drunk and half-hearted because 99% of the crowd still failed to find and approach his or her partners. Golu chuckled, thinking he was not the only one to whom universe was unfair with. Lying down, Golu’s thoughts were all jumbled. ‘It’s been months since I have sat down properly for studies. Hmm!’, Golu thought to himself.

Golu sat on the table and pulled out a research paper titled ‘On the importance of initialization and momentum in deep learning’ by someone with insignificant name. He read the introduction really carefully with his half closed eyes. He started the second paragraph. ‘Deep and recurrent neural networks are powerful models that achieve high performance on difficult pattern recognition problems. There are many difficult problems in life. Like the last time when you came across that girl who was your crush for like a week. You can’t forget the reactions of the trio when they first saw her..’, Golu was slowly being drawn to the limbo of mixed realities. Well, this often happens when our Hero tries to study with full josh. Back to limbo, Golu remembered the suggestion given by Chinna, ‘Abe meri sunn aur swimming join kar le. Girls like her like the toned body and stamina that swimmers have. Ammmmm..!!’. The very next day hero joined swimming without any trainer because of Chinna’s overconfident support ‘Mai hoon na! Mai sab sikha dunga’. Golu entered the pool at 4.45 pm by himself, came out at 4.48 with the help of two others, fainted.

‘Whaaaaaat..??’, Golu suddenly came into his senses. He realized that he was studying. He tried reading the second paragraph again. Now the fifth time. Still a failed attempt!‘Basssss.’, Golu felt a strong urge for liquor. He knew he cannot study half drunk. Either sober or high. “No in between”, Golu tucked his lower lip under his upper set of teeth and headed out. Few numbers got contacted quickly from Golu’s phone. Within 10 minutes, the duo and few other batch mates were convinced by our hero that they need to get alcohol.

Einstein and Chinna came down to Golu’s hostel with two bikes and two big college sacks, otherwise meant for keeping sacred books. Bikes stopped at wine shop. Bottles were picked. Kept in Chinna’s bag. Chinna left because soon it was going to be the patrolling time for local police, leaving these guys for the task of buying some chakhna.

“I will check inside again”, Golu went inside the shop and bought some while Einstein waited outside. Suddenly, a philanthropic thought came to our Hero’s mind. He thought ‘what if people finish all the stuff we already bought? Who they will look forward to? And what if we don’t get high on that much.’ The mere thought gave Golu shivers and he bought two bottles again and kept in the bag. He thought of it as a nice surprise when everything finishes. ‘Won’t it be nice if I hid it from Einstein too?’, Golu thought.

Hero came out. Einstein started the bike. Now only one signal and they all will be at the hostel party room. ‘Then I will open..’ Golu was lost in fantasy.

“Aye. Gaadi nillisi.”, Golu heard something.

“$!^&|+|×(~÷÷|+-|–_”. It was police.

“^|+₹×/~/_+~+-|-&++”, this time with anger. Duo didn’t even understand a word of the alien language. Golu got worried. But Einstein was in totally different mood. “Tu chup baithna. I will handle.”

So, the rich owner of future 40 LPA begged, “Sir, students hai Sir. Humare paas kuchh nahi hai. Chhod dijiye. We study at Tata Institute Sir. It is just nearby.” And he showed his IISc ID card. Police looked a bit numb after looking over the card. His voice softened. Einstein tapped the change. He knew the ball was in his court now.

“What’s in the bag?”

Kuchh nahi Sir. We were just hungry so bought some food to eat. Have a look.”

Einstein took the bag out from Golu’s shoulders.

“It’s okay”, police.

Nahi Sir. Aap dekh hi lijiye. Aap ko vishwas nahi hai na!

Rehne dijiye

Are Sir, koi vishwas naam ki cheez hi nahi hai… “, Einstein started unzipping the bag. He was on fire and Golu was quite, almost peeing his pants.

“It’s okay Sir.”, One Policewala kept his hand on the zip saying, “You can go!”

Einstein started the bike with attitude, giving a look the uniform guys, left the place. Though, he didn’t understand the reason for Golu’s silence all the way back to hostel.

>>Fast forward

Hostel party was slowly leaning towards the peak. Golu even had bought a special disco ball light for such occasions. It was tied at the exact center of the ceiling. Right below there was a two page thick layer of newspapers. All the bottles were kept around the chakhna which was peacefully residing in the middle. Starting from left, there were Sanket, Zahir, Rishabh, Einstein, Pramod, Golu, Paaji and Chinna sitting in the clockwise manner. Everyone was having fun. “Tu bhaai hai mera..”, session had just ended with all the liquor stock. Pramod seemed a little bit nervous though. Suddenly Zahir captured everyone’s attention.

Bhaaiyo, ek shayari pesh karna chahunga”

Irshaad.. Irshaad’, cheered everybody.

Are Do take ki ye madira

Yaad bhi na bhula payi unke jane ki”

“Waah.. Waah..”, crowd

Are Do take ki ye madira,

Yaad bhi na bhula payi unke jane ki

Koi sulah karade, zindagi ki in ulzano se

Badi talabh lagi hai.. muskurane ki”

And the room was filled with applause and compliments. “Bohot badhiya Zahir bhaai…!” Few voices came. Zahir got standing ovations from audience. Bros were high but not ignorant to soon realize that among the cheerful voices there was a sobbing.”Itni khushi me ye matam kaun mana raha hai bhai??”, Einstein asked.

It was Pramod. It looked like that last shayari took a toll on him. Everyone was shocked. Reason, apart from being insanely talented and hardworking, he was well known as a person who usually has a firm and balanced stand in every aspect of his life.

Golu went near him and asked about what happened. “Yaar, it doesn’t matter how faar you go in your life, the things you achieve or accolades you earn, all it boils down to is who you are and where you’ve come from! The things which were not even under your control and decided the second you took birth on this sinful earth..”

“Let’s go outside”, Golu interrupted. Asking others to understand and stay back while continuing what they were doing. He picked up Pramod and took out two pints from his bag and left. He did notice the awe on Einstein’s face though.

Golu took Pramod at the backside of J.N.Tata statue. It was like a little forest inside the campus with lots of trees.

“Look bhaai, I know what you are talking about. But we cannot do anything about these things. They are as they are. And..”, Golu.

“You don’t know shit man. I really loved Nisha. And she loved me back. Do you even have a slightest idea of what is it like to break away from someone close to you just for superficial things like caste and creed. People are blind. They won’t see the breakthrough papers you published or the great company you got placed in or how much you earn or your lifestyle, but they do see things which you were never responsible for! I tell you, you can get away with all your sins but this one. They will hunt you down and kill you if you are trying to live with your soulmate forever.”

Golu went quiet.

“And not only illiterate people. This happens with every fucking person no matter what. That surreal sense of belonging to an upper class in society feeds their ego. Just tell me man, if you are so emotionally attached to your caste, religion or political leanings to the point that truth and justice become the secondary considerations, then your education is useless. Your exposure is useless. If you cannot even reason behind pity sentiments, you are a liability to mankind.” Pramod said in angst finishing the last sip off the pint.


“Who gave the rights to them? You know the level of understanding that we two had? We both are partners in almost every project. She completes me. I thought of having a really happy family with her. We thought it will all work out until I realized the harsh reality of our society. Obviously I cannot risk my life to marry her. I have parents to look after. But yeah, I won’t marry ever either”, Pramod was crying his heart out.

Golu got speechless on the last sentence. He was stunned to see a rock hard guy crying like a child. And at that moment he realized… he realized how broke this country really is! Having a “Science” in your college’s name seemingly had no worth!

Around 4 am Golu took Pramod to his room and literally sang a lullaby to help that innocent soul sleep. His last sentence just before deep sleep took over was, “Man, I was a fool who tried to fight when I had already lost the game the second I was born!”

That last sentence broke Golu’s heart. He came out of the room without disturbing Pramod’s sleep. Took his bike out and went to Prakruthi. No body was there at those hours and even if there was, he wouldn’t have cared. He went to the backside and lit the cigarette. The situation had nothing to do with him, but Golu was hurt from inside. He just stood up there smoking one after the other for about 15 minutes, staring into the blank.

“Do you have the lighter?”, somebody asked.

Golu passed the lighter. He also noticed that she had short hair. Golu was not in the mood but unknowingly his brain started searching for the similar hair he saw months back.

‘Gymkhana!!’, his brain generated the output.


Golu is a fictional character who is about to pursue M.Tech. at IISc, Bangalore. I am writing this one as a series of situations, affairs and craziness that is yet to happen around Golu provided atleast few of you like this. So, lets high your pitchers and… cheers…!!



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