Evidences of Rape

Torn, staggering and depressed, I reached to the gates of police station. I peeped in. Two hawaldars were in their chairs, resting. I saw one head constable in the corner trying to adjust his position to make a comfort sleep. I went in.

“Where should I file a complaint?”, I asked one of the hawaldar.

“What happened”, he asked without looking up.

“Amm..” I stammered, moved my head a little to check if anybody else is noticing. But, it seemed that nobody cared about what was happening other than his own desk. I gathered all my courage and told him, “I got raped!”

He looked at me and my slightly torn clothing. He stood up and went to head constable and whispered something in his left ear. Head gave me a strange look. That hawaldar got back and told me to sit in the chair which was next to station head. I nodded.

“So miss, you think that you have got raped”, he initiated.

“I don’t think sir, I have actually got raped”, I told him with slight anger in my voice.

“Ohh, I see”, he bent a little to look over my body parts.

“And I wanted to file a compl….”

“Do you have any evidence that you got raped?”, he said before I could finish my sentence.


“Do you have any evidence that you got raped?”, he said it again, silently.


And I took a pair of bleeding lips from my ladies bag and put it on the table.

“That’s not enough to …”

“Wait, I have more..”

Then I took out my crushed breasts from my bag and put them by the side of the lips. I put it in the way that head could easily see the scratches my breasts got from a nails of that dirty manhood. There were still few things left in my bag. I put my hand in the bag and collected all of my screams to put them on the table next. Then I put my neck on the table which carried the marks of the rapists’ hands when he forced and tried to grab my throat for his fantasy.

I thought that head hadn’t believed me yet. So, I took out last item from my bag, my ripped vagina and put it on the table too.

Head looked at me silently. He spread his both arms to collect all the items on the table in one place. Then with his leg he moved a bin at the side of his desk so that it came exactly under the table. Then he slid down all the items to that trash-bin.

“So miss, do you have any evidences that you got raped?”

This original article credit goes to Mrs. Kavita Mahajan. I read that one in the special edition of a marathi newspaper magazine. I presented this to you with little bit of modifications.


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