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Dreams – One way or the other

What passes on is time, and what get spent is us. So before you get totally spent, live that dream you are counting on all your life.

This doesn’t make any sense

But well not everything does, not everything has to.

now I am gonna touch the age old ghisa-pita discussion of what race are you racing in! You don’t have control over your birth, your religion, your caste, the economical situation you get born into and the kind of schooling you get.. nothing. You grow up, see other kids passing their board exams, getting into the college and then graduate, so do you! You are lucky if you get a job among thousand candidates for a single vacancy otherwise you go for something which can at least earn you daily bread and butter, you get a girl according to your stability and financial conditions, you marry, manufacture children, apply same cycle to them and then on one fine day your heartbeat stops.

Well, that’s it. Everyone among us is doing it with or without realizing it. Nothing new and nobody is special.

Oh, but wait there is always a thing that makes you special. The thing you buried down years ago. Your dream. yes!! That poor little thing which you never nurtured. Ohh boy..

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Boy and the falling sky

I had written this one few years ago. And lost it in a rush. Searched for many days, but it didn’t show up. Surprisingly, tonight it found in my friend’s old laptop. Thanks a ton Mayur for finding it.

Here it goes :


The kid knew goodbyes are not for forever..
His mad heart is still beating ‘you will turn back and say that stupid Hi’..
He is a hippy and he believes in fairy tales..
Oh god, still he doesn’t know who he is.. 

That’s not done..
People will roam around you, talk and cuddle with you..
And suddenly they a spark in that old bonfire we saw together..
No, that’s not done..

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