Boy and the falling sky

I had written this one few years ago. And lost it in a rush. Searched for many days, but it didn’t show up. Surprisingly, tonight it found in my friend’s old laptop. Thanks a ton Mayur for finding it.

Here it goes :


The kid knew goodbyes are not for forever..
His mad heart is still beating ‘you will turn back and say that stupid Hi’..
He is a hippy and he believes in fairy tales..
Oh god, still he doesn’t know who he is.. 

That’s not done..
People will roam around you, talk and cuddle with you..
And suddenly they a spark in that old bonfire we saw together..
No, that’s not done..

How innocent somebody can be..
With a little sadness they think of giving up and..
And.. with a little amusement they think of ruling the world..
May be that’s how its done… or may be not.. 

The kid doesn’t know when the world will fall down..

But he will really feel bad of he doesn’t create his hole in the sky before that giant fall..
There’s this little kid..
Still standing on the boulevard of his broken dreams.. Staring at the sky.. With his hurt eyes..

His heart is pounding something that he forgot to hear when he was running..
He can listen it now.. Saying…
“Don’t try to be strong, to be something u r not, to do the thing and prove your worth..
Just be simple, be that same kid you were once, be sad, be hurt and then do it..” 

May be that’s how its done.. Or may be not..
Even nothing has changed till now..
This is the same you, this is the same world, this is same me and that’s the same kid..
It’s hard to find the change when it happens, they say.. 

The sky has now started falling..
And the kid is still staring at the falling sky..
Hoping.. Beyond that falling wonder, he can see her, again.. and hear her sweet ‘Hi..’
Believed his mad heart, fairy tales aren’t just the fairy tales…

Hope is a good thing, he used to say..
But sooner or later though you have to wake up..
Its been years after sky made that giant fall..
Kid is no more you can hear her stupid voice in his heart.. And no more.. no more his fairy tales..

Oh, but look, is that a hole in that giant fabric??
Oh yes, it is..
The kid did it somehow..
Even if he has to vanish into that wonder..

May be that’s what changed..
May be his desperation to see her did it.. Or may be not..
May be his hippy fairy tale belief did it.. Or may be not..
We will never know..
And may be that’s how its done…  💫