Tushar Shinde

Hi, this is me Tushar. And you have probably got here because of my one of the article or via my resume. It my honour to get a moment to chat with you!
Well, I am not so grown up till now to comment about ‘The Life’, but I can certainly walk you through my journey in couple of seconds. Keeping it short, studied for IIT, got into NIT, explored the possibilities of how exciting a college life can be, felt the feeling of what it is like to awake and grow the dead college club with friends, tried my hands in entrepreneurship (which is still inside me), founded two failed small companies, lost my CGP in between, but didn’t forget to add skills in my sack. That’s pretty much of it!
A last thing I wanted to tell you guys is that a few sheets of paper cannot decide who you can be one day, in fact they have no right to. They matter and you gotta work hard to be good at them, but if you missed that somehow, it’s not a wise man’s decision to sit and cry for it. Life is not unfair to anybody 🙂

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Computer Science and Automation, (July 2016 - May 2018)

IISc is the most exciting opportunity I have ever encountered with. It is one of the pure learning experience that is happening to my soul.  I am sure that here I will be learning how to learn.

Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur
Computer Science and Engineering, (July 2010 - May 2014)

NIT, Nagpur era was what I call the golden pages. Made friends and few crushes! I learnt how to explore here. Few mistakes, many good things happened and so were the weird. That’s a hell lot of memories of those 4 years and still calling me to push my limits throughout the life 😉

Maharashtra State Board of Education
S.S.C. and H.S.C. (2008 and 2010)

I have done my high-schooling and higher secondary education from state board of Maharashtra. In all those playful days, participated and won several science fairs and GK competitions.

Work and Projects
Analyzing the Effects of Victim Caching
Period: Sept. 2016 to Dec. 2016

Along with a partner, I did this project about analyzing the effects of Victim Caching for current caches under the instructions of Prof. Matthew Jacob T. at IISc. The report have brought the improvements caused by the usage of victim caches  for level 1 and level 2 caches in limelight with respect to actual percentages and bigger benchmark programs having the memory traces of about 130 million.

Promax Digital Pvt. Ltd.
Designer and Front End Developer (Jan 2015 - June 2015)

I worked for a local VC backed tech start-up company in Nagpur called Promax Digital Pvt. Ltd. as a front end developer and designer and worked on two main projects, Reacho and Cardiomeet.

Web, Modules, APIs and Content (Jun 2013 - Present)

On small scale, I started to design websites, content writing, integrations and other small code scripts when I was a student as the freelancing projects. It includes both types of clients, online and offline.

Founder Member and CTO (Oct 2013 - Dec 2014)

It was the startup I had cofounded with my friends. It focussed website and web-app developemtnt. We have also designed a product under Tech4Art, proto-named Hoolie which was intended to serve as an Education mini ERP system. My role revolved around workflow, technology selection, UI and database designing.

On the go workman and CTO (April 2014 - December 2014)

Organolite was the start-up venture started by we, some VNITians, where we used to supply organic vegetables to the people across several areas of Nagpur. It was a layered structure, ‘a relation maintenance layer’ where we use to tie-up with farmers who produce organic vegetables in their farms, ‘storage layer’ where we procure the vegetables, clean and pack them for on-day or next day delivery and third was ‘distribution layer’ where we use to deliver the goods door-to-door to our regular customers as well as sell through the online orders. It went well, but due to our failure on spreading local awareness about organic food, some storing-costing issues and a lack of business experience, we had to shut down this start-up.

That drives me !

I am a short film lover and maker. My third short film, ‘The Last Day’ in which I have acted and directed was selected among top 30 college short films of India for Cinematography at DCS, University of Pune Film Festival. As well as I am glad that I was the part of RAAHI, a feature length film we made at VNIT. It was the second its kind of attempt across India after ‘Déjà vu’ of IITB. I was involved as the cinematograher and logistics. We have also got some local media coverage for the screening of the movie.

National Hackathon by Mindtree

This hackathon was arranged by Mindtree Pvt. Ltd. and hosted by hackerearth. The problem statement was to make an app based on given themes in 42 hours.

Global Nagpur Summit, Dec 2014
#Logistics Dept. and Organizing Volunteer

GNS is the annual global level event organized by ‘Nagpur First Organization’ to develop Nagpur as a global city by 2020. Check it out

Token of Honour
#NIT, Nagpur ScienceExpo Representative

This was awarded to our group with the prototype in solar powered vehicles and for representing VNIT in Science Expo arranged by Ministry of Culture, India in Raman Science Center, Nagpur.

Revolution India Competition
#B-Plan Competition, Best 300

Revolution India was the B-Plan competition arranged by Sandeep Maheshwari Foundation and judged by some of the top VCs of India. My B-Plan of Education Network had got shortlisted among top 300 business plans from thousands of applications across India. Unfortunately, couldn’t make it further, though!

UX Design
C & C++











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    Good design is the direct reflection of clear thinking and that makes me most of myself.