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Golu #Episode 4 : Badi Talab Lagi Hai, Muskurane Ki…

Don’t forget to revisit first three episodes to get what’s going on, especially the third:

Episode 1: Golu and First Day at IISc

Episode 2: Golu and his heroic love!

Episode 3: Who is Zafar?


Its been quite a while since Dabangu left. One year passed like a breeze and Golu was still trying to get hold of the IISc life. Few ‘not so important’ things happened in between. Golu lost the final cricket match for CSA by bowling 4 consecutive wide balls in the last over, almost got slapped for trying on random crushes out of desperation, faked the results to get good grades and what not. But Golu was sad for few weeks when Dabangu left. Not because he lost a good friend but because Dabangu was the only one who had the ability to consistently score lower than Golu in every damn exam. Now in Dabangu’s absence, Golu was the only underdog whom other two can hop on!

That day, at around 9. Golu was just lying down on his bed. It was freshers’ eve for their juniors. Party was already over and everybody came back to their hostels, half drunk and half-hearted because 99% of the crowd still failed to find and approach his or her partners. Golu chuckled, thinking he was not the only one to whom universe was unfair with. Lying down, Golu’s thoughts were all jumbled. ‘It’s been months since I have sat down properly for studies. Hmm!’, Golu thought to himself.

Golu sat on the table and pulled out a research paper titled ‘On the importance of initialization and momentum in deep learning’ by someone with insignificant name. He read the introduction really carefully with his half closed eyes. He started the second paragraph. ‘Deep and recurrent neural networks are powerful models that achieve high performance on difficult pattern recognition problems. There are many difficult problems in life. Like the last time when you came across that girl who was your crush for like a week. You can’t forget the reactions of the trio when they first saw her..’, Golu was slowly being drawn to the limbo of mixed realities. Well, this often happens when our Hero tries to study with full josh. Back to limbo, Golu remembered the suggestion given by Chinna, ‘Abe meri sunn aur swimming join kar le. Girls like her like the toned body and stamina that swimmers have. Ammmmm..!!’. The very next day hero joined swimming without any trainer because of Chinna’s overconfident support ‘Mai hoon na! Mai sab sikha dunga’. Golu entered the pool at 4.45 pm by himself, came out at 4.48 with the help of two others, fainted.

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